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Chemex preparation & information

Chemex preparation & information: Perfect coffee with style

Did you know that the Chemex is a unique filter holder and an elegant carafe? But it’s not just looks that count, it can also brew delicious, clear coffee. In this article you will learn all about the perfect Chemex preparation information and how you can make a delicious Chemex coffee recipe.

Why the Chemex?

The thick filter paper of the Chemex allows only a few suspended particles and coffee oils to pass through. Simply fold, place in the carafe and rinse thoroughly with hot water. The Chemex preparation information is particularly known for its clarity and purity of the coffee. Filter coffee with Chemex is characterized by its special purity of taste.

Step-by-step instructions for Chemex preparation

Preparation of the Chemex

Fold the Chemex filter paper and place it in the carafe. Rinse it thoroughly with hot water to remove the paper taste and preheat the Chemex.

Add coffee

Use 6 g of coffee per 100 ml of water. For a typical Chemex preparation Information we recommend medium-fine ground coffee.


Pour hot water (approx. 95 °C) slowly over the ground coffee to moisten it slightly. Leave it to stand for 30 to 40 seconds. This is the so-called blooming process, during which the aromas develop.

Main infusion

Pour the remaining water slowly and in a circular motion onto the ground coffee. Depending on the quantity, the total brewing time is between 4 minutes (for 300 ml) and 7 minutes (for 800 ml).


As soon as the coffee at the bottom of the filter stops flowing and begins to drip, remove the filter with the ground coffee.

Tips for the perfect Chemex technique

Experiment with the grind and the amount of water to find your perfect taste. Choose a finer grind for a stronger coffee and a coarser grind for a milder taste. The Chemex preparation information enables a fine tuning of the coffee notes.

Care and cleaning of the Chemex

The carafe should be thoroughly cleaned after Chemex preparation.

Filter coffee with Chemex on the go

The Chemex preparation information is not only suitable for at home, but also perfect for on the go. Thanks to its compact size and ease of use, you can easily take it with you and enjoy freshly brewed coffee wherever you go. With Chemex coffee preparation, you can also enjoy high-quality coffee on the go.

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