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Filter coffee preparation

Filter coffee preparation: perfect coffee at home

The preparation of filter coffee is a traditional method that results in a clear and aromatic coffee. In this article, you will learn all about making filter coffee and how to make perfect coffee at home using the filter method.

Why filter coffee?

Filter coffee is particularly known for its purity and clarity of taste. To get the perfect cup of filter coffee, the grind of the coffee should be coarse. This method of making coffee with a filter ensures that fewer coffee particles end up in the finished beverage.

Step-by-step instructions for making filter coffee

Preparing the filter

First rinse the filter with hot water before inserting the filter paper. This removes possible paper flavors and warms the container at the same time.

Add coffee

Add 6 to 7 g of ground coffee per 100 ml of water to the filter. The grind should be selected so that the coffee passes through in about 3 to 5 minutes. This filter coffee technique requires a little experimentation to achieve the optimum taste.

Pour on water

The water should have a temperature of 90 to 95 °C. Pour it on first just to wet the coffee grounds and wait 30 seconds. Then slowly pour on the desired amount of water in a circular motion. This hand-brewed coffee method allows the flavors to be extracted evenly.


As soon as the water has completely run through, remove the filter from the jug. Your perfect filter coffee is now ready to enjoy.

Tips for perfect filter coffee

Experiment with the amount of coffee and the water temperature to find your ideal taste. Use more coffee grounds for a stronger coffee and less for a milder taste. The filter coffee preparation allows a fine tuning of the coffee notes.

Care and cleaning of the filter utensils

After making filter coffee, the utensils used should be cleaned thoroughly. This keeps your equipment in perfect condition.

Coffee preparation with filter for on the go

Filter coffee preparation is not only suitable for at home, but also perfect for on the go. Thanks to their ease of use, you can easily take them with you and enjoy freshly brewed coffee wherever you go. With this method, you can also enjoy high-quality coffee on the go.

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