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The perfect AeroPress preparation: our basic recipe

Did you know that the AeroPress was invented by the owner of Aerobie, a company that actually makes high-performance Frisbees? This shows that the inventor was a true coffee enthusiast. This article is about AeroPress preparation, a fascinating topic for all coffee lovers.

Flexibility and individuality with AeroPress preparation

The AeroPress is very appealing because it allows you to experiment with the grind, brewing time and temperature and develop individual recipes. This flexibility makes AeroPress preparation particularly exciting. Coffee lovers can create unique taste experiences with the AeroPress.

Our basic recipe for the “inverted” method

Here is our personal basic recipe for the so-called “inverted” method:

  1. First, pull out the inner piston so that it is still about 2 to 3 cm deep in the outer piston. Hence the name “inverted”.
  2. Then pour 18 g of medium-fine ground coffee into the AeroPress. The degree of grinding is somewhere between French press and hand filter.
  3. Pour 220 ml of water, which should be around 95 °C, onto the ground coffee.
  4. The total brewing time is four and a half minutes. After 2 minutes, stir three times, always in a counter-clockwise direction.
  5. In the meantime, rinse the filter paper with warm water, place it in the filter holder and screw it onto the flask.
  6. After 4 minutes, we turn the AeroPress over, place it on a stable cup and press it down for about 30 seconds – and that’s it.

Advantages of AeroPress preparation

AeroPress preparation offers many opportunities for experimentation. For example, you can change the grind of the coffee to vary the taste. A finer grind produces a stronger coffee, while a coarser grind produces a lighter taste. The water temperature can also be adjusted to bring out different flavors.

Another advantage of AeroPress preparation is that it is easy to clean. After the brewing process, the coffee grounds can simply be pressed out and disposed of. The parts of the AeroPress can be easily taken apart and rinsed, which makes AeroPress preparation even more practical.

AeroPress preparation for on the go

AeroPress preparation is not only suitable for at home, but also perfect for on the go. Thanks to its compact size and easy handling, you can easily take it with you and enjoy freshly brewed coffee wherever you go.

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