CR3 Naturally decaffeinated

Enjoy CR3 Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee, which is caffeine-free but full of flavor. Using a special decaffeination process with carbon dioxide, the coffee is gently decaffeinated while retaining its rich aroma. Ideal for coffee lovers who want to avoid caffeine.

Discover our CR3 naturally decaffeinated coffee, which is caffeine-free and full of flavor.

CR3 Naturally Decaffeinated Premium Coffee offers you all the flavor variety of excellently roasted coffee beans, completely without caffeine. Our advanced CO2 decaffeination process efficiently removes the caffeine while preserving the rich flavor of the beans.

This is how we make our decaffeinated coffee:

  • We use liquid carbon dioxide under high pressure to remove the caffeine from the beans. This step is carried out several times to ensure that almost all the caffeine is removed.
  • Finally, we gently dry the coffee to bring it back to its original moisture content.

Taste profile of CR3 Naturally Decaffeinated Premium Coffee:

  • Discover a fine and balanced aroma with notes of chocolate and citrus.
  • Enjoy the full body of this coffee, which offers a round and pleasant drinking experience.

CR3 Naturally Decaffeinated Premium Coffee is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid caffeine but doesn’t want to miss out on the full flavor of a carefully roasted coffee. Whether in the morning or in the evening, this coffee is ideal for any time of day.

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