Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adado Grade 1

Experience the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adado Grade 1, which delights with aromas of black tea, blackberry and sweet blueberry. This high-quality coffee, which grows in the heights of Yirgacheffe, combines traditional cultivation methods with first-class quality.

Discover the exceptional Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adado Grade 1

Immerse yourself in the world of an outstanding coffee known for its deep aroma and exquisite taste. Grown in the famous heights of Yirgacheffe, this coffee represents the rich coffee culture of Ethiopia.

Details on cultivation and processing:

  • Cultivation altitude: The beans thrive between 1,795 and 2,150 meters.
  • Variety: Heirloom beans contribute to the quality.
  • Process: Naturally processed, the flavors are preserved.

Taste profile:
Adado Grade 1 seduces with its mild and fruity notes. The accents of black tea and blackberry are wonderfully complemented by the sweetness of blueberry. This coffee expresses the essence of its origins in every cup.

Roasting variants:

  • Dark roast: Perfect for stovetop stoves, portafilters and fully automatic machines.
  • Light roast: Ideal for filter coffee, Aeropress, Chemex and French Press.
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