Erlangen Mixture

Discover the Erlangen blend, an exquisite combination of 50% Brasil Primavera and 50% Colombia La Claudina. This coffee has a balanced taste, characterized by nutty and chocolaty notes and a hint of citrus fruit.

Discover the unique Erlangen mix

The Erlangen blend is a fascinating creation that combines the best of two renowned coffee-growing regions: Brazil and Colombia. This combination results in a coffee that not only impresses with its aroma, but also with its quality.

Origin and cultivation: The carefully selected coffee beans in this blend come from:

  • Brasil Primavera: Known for its nutty and chocolaty notes, this coffee offers a solid base.
  • Colombia La Claudina: Complemented by lively citrus notes, this coffee gives the blend an exquisite freshness.

Taste profile and aromas: The Erlangen blend is characterized by a fine balance between sweet, nutty and chocolaty aromas and the tangy notes of citrus fruits. This coffee offers:

  • Complexity: Each sip reveals new layers of flavor, from deep chocolate tones to light, refreshing citrus accents.
  • Harmony: Despite the complexity of the aromas, the blend remains harmonious and balanced.

Roasting variations and preparation recommendations:

  • Dark roast: Ideal for those who prefer a strong, robust coffee. Perfect for espresso and other intense coffee preparations.
  • Light roast: Provides a lighter, more subtle flavor profile that pairs well with gentle brewing methods such as Aeropress, filter coffee and soft brew.

Recommended use: Whether for breakfast, as an afternoon coffee or as an accompaniment to sweet or savory dishes, the Erlangen blend is extremely versatile. Their balanced aromas make them an excellent partner for chocolate desserts, citrus cake or even as a contrast to spicy dishes.

Sustainability and quality: We attach great importance to sustainable cultivation and fair trade practices when selecting our coffees. The Erlangen blend is produced under conditions that not only respect the environment, but also improve the living conditions of coffee farmers.

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