Colombia Wilder Lazo Peachy Boys

Discover the exceptional quality of Colombia Wilder Lazo Peachy Boys coffee, characterized by a profound blend of honey, peach and the tangy acidity of grapefruit, rounded off with spicy and floral notes.

The history of the Colombia Wilder Lazo Peachy Boys

Discover Colombia Wilder Lazo Peachy Boys, a coffee that perfectly combines tradition and innovation. Wilder Lazo, originally a vet, actively intervened in his family’s coffee production in 2016 when coffee prices fell and his father fell seriously ill. Together with his brother, he brought the family’s traditional coffee farm back into shape.

Quality development in coffee cultivation

  • Initial rating: The coffees initially scored 80-83 points on the cupping scale.
  • Innovations: Wilder significantly improved the soil quality and carried out targeted soil analyses. He also added nutrients to increase efficiency.

Manufacturing process

Wilder ensures that the soil is rich in nutrients. He also carefully harvests the ripe, large fruits and washes them to remove all impurities.

Detailed process description

  • First fermentation stage: The Pink Bourbon cherries ferment for 100 hours under anaerobic conditions, which promotes the development of deep aromas.
  • Second fermentation stage: After this first fermentation, the beans mature for a further 100 hours in large barrels, which refines their flavor profiles.

Flavor profile

The coffee fascinates with its intense notes of honey and peach and combines these with spicy and floral accents, which are complemented by the lively acidity of grapefruit.

Roasting process

We roast the Pink Bourbon so that it remains in the roaster for between 55 and 65 seconds after the first crack, depending on whether more floral or fruity notes are desired.

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Weight 250-1000 g


250g, 500g, 1000g


Finca (Anwesen)

El Diviso


Wild Lazo


San Adolfo. Huila. Colombia


1,480-1,650 münn


18 hectares


6 hectares




Pink Bourbon


24h in the coffee cherry, 100h in the pulp, both anaerobic


12 days in Parabólicos (drying tunnel)



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